Friday, May 9, 2008

News:: Biz @ The Marquee

Well I'm sure this lovely Friday morning finds you thinking about your plans for the weekend, and if you're in Halifax I have a pretty impressive option for you: Biz Markie at the Marquee Saturday night. Chances are if you are actually in Halifax you've already heard about this show, but I'd be very remiss if I didn't at least mention it on the site. It's the Biz after all!

At this point in his career, the Biz is known more for his DJ sets, so this is a pretty rare chance to see him do his classic jams. And yes, I imagine he'll play the song everyone and their 12 year old sister wants to hear: Pickin' Boogers. I keed, I keed, but the desire to hear Just A Friend will likely send the drunken college girl numbers through the roof at this show. Seriously, they were out in force for the KRS show at the Marquee ("Oh, I love him, he's so great!" Yes, yes he is.), so this show is going to be lousy with them.

Regardless, it should be an entertaining show, I mean it would likely be entertaining if he just stood up there. Halifax vets Universal Soul are also on the bill, and I imagine they'll do a good job getting the crowd nice and hyped up. So if you have the chance, go and check out the latest big-time Halifax hip hop show. For now I'll leave you with a song that is not only my favorite Biz song, but also perfect the arrival of some long overdue warm weather: Spring Again. Enjoy.


Biz Markie - Spring Again

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