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News:: The Coast Come to the Coast

The Coast are billed as one of the hardest working bands in Toronto's indie music scene, and a quick look at their touring schedule seems to back this up. This Thursday night, those of us in Halifax will benefit from the The Coast's extensive touring as they play the Marquee (along with The Matavaras and Heavy Meadows).

We've covered The Coast on the hill before, and when I say we I mean mainly the Ack, as he reviewed their debut EP, and previewed their latest album Expatriate. I, on the other hand, am like a fresh-faced, ultimate frisbee toting Upper-Canadian teen arriving in Halifax for university - new to The Coast. And after a few listens to Expatriate, I have to admit I'm kicking myself. I also thought "These guys are great, why didn't the Ack tell me to check them out?". That's typical Ack though, hoarding all the good bands for himself and leaving me to do the dance music and Alberta rap (NOTE: This is slander. I constantly recommend bands to him).

Anyway, back to The Coast and Expatriate, an album full of the kind of anthemic indie pop songs that I wish would actually become anthems on a wider scale, instead of the mostly un-inspiring songs that do. In his review, the Ack talks about the Brit-pop influence and soaring textures found on their EP, and while I wouldn't say those elements aren't found on the new album, the band has tightened their sound and turned the tempo up a few notches. The results are pretty hard to deny.

The opening track, Tightrope, is all echo-y synths, guitar jangle, cymbal hiss, falsetto vocals, and fist pumping hooks (hey, hey, you!), while Nueva York follows that up with pounding, insistent drums and driving pianos. Two songs with slightly divergent sounds that combine to form a fantastic 1, 2 punch. Being the standout track on an album full of standouts isn't an easy task, but Killing Off Our Friends tackles the job with peppy drums, strummed guitar, spontaneous handclaps and a chorus made for singing along to. The tempo changes and mournful trumpet of Ceremony Guns make it another favorite. Expatriate isn't all indie rock-outs though, as the lovely plink of Song For Gypsy Rose Lee can attest.

So long story short, The Coast are headlining a great show tomorrow night at the Marquee, tickets are but a mere $8, and you'd be a fool to pass it up. I mean, I wouldn't think you're a fool, you're aces with me, but others may think so. The Coast are also playing in New Brunswick this weekend (Fredericton, The Capitol on Friday, Saint John, A Khord on Saturday) so any of our NB peeps should think about checking them out as well.

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9 May 2008 The Capitol Fredricton, New Brunswick
10 May 2008 A Khord Saint John, New Brunswick
21 May 2008 Le Divian Orange Montreal, Quebec
23 May 2008 The Red Dog Peterborough, Ontario
24 May 2008 Zaphods Ottawa, Ontario
12 Jun 2008 The Horseshoe Tavern - NXNE (Early set time 9pm) Toronto, Ontario
18 Jun 2008 Lager House Detroit, Michigan
19 Jun 2008 Division Avenue Arts Cooperative Grand Rapids, Michigan
20 Jun 2008 Quenchers Chicago, Illinois
21 Jun 2008 The Nomad Minneapolis, Minnesota
24 Jun 2008 Lo Pub w/ Young Rival Winnipeg, Manitoba
26 Jun 2008 The Starlite w/ Hey Rosetta & Young Rival Edmonton, Alberta
27 Jun 2008 Sled Island Festival w/ Land of Talk Calgary, Alberta
1 Jul 2008 The Aquarium Fargo, North Dakota
4 Jul 2008 Schubas Chicago, Illinois
5 Jul 2008 Brillobox Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
7 Jul 2008 Galaxy Hut Arlington, Virginia
8 Jul 2008 Rehab (formerly Club Midway) New York City, New York
9 Jul 2008 M Room Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
12 Jul 2008 Edgefest Toronto, Ontario

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