Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quick hitters:: That's The Spirit


It's not too often a band sends over a myspace friend request and we actually follow up with them - note, this is not a plea for more friend requests from Tina, Trixy or Desiree, who spammed us 14 times last week.

There is just too much crap to really bother with, but every so often a band will politely request our friendship and their songs are completely surprising and enjoyable.

Helping prove exception to the rule, That's the Spirit - led by song writer Ben Wilson who you might remember from Paperjack - is an Ottawa based band that really seems to enjoy the slower, dream induced pace. The demos they offered up from their upcoming record - Staying Places - are full of hazy, beautiful textures and I've been listening to them a lot as we sky rocket across the country.

The songs are late night visions laced with nice folk elements that aren't concerned with length. If an idea only takes 1:17 to be expressed, that's how long the band gives it. The record - due out in September - is going to be be a big shift for the Wilson, with the songs moving away from the lo-fi, DIY style of I Like His Older Stuff into a more fleshed out, studio recorded vibe, but if the rough mixes they have up are any indication, I don't think any fans will be upset. Definitely an act to pay attention to in the upcoming months.

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