Thursday, May 29, 2008

Reviews:: Joshua James The Sun is Always Brighter

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Joshua James limits himself by referring to himself as a singer song writer. The term is as cold and ambiguous as any in the music business. It covers any person who picks up a guitar and opens up to an audience, and is usually said with a spit of distaste.

James however, refreshingly unique. His songs have the strength to stand alone; at times they are nothing more than lyrics and strums but never do they feel empty. His band adds drums, piano, organs, steel and mandolin at just the right time, but the songs are still intimate. The way he balances bigger arrangements and the solitude required by the genre is fantastic.

But what really makes this record is how easily James makes the black and white seems grey. The way he exposes an emotion seems like he's looking into your soul and pulling out the fears you don't want anyone to know. The record was a staple on our road trip and every time it came on, Nic and I would kind of just stop talking and start staring into the vast openness of the country. He's able to tell his story, but somehow let your own thoughts run along side his, making every song incredibly personal for the singer and the listener.

The Sun is Always Brighter is getting re-issued and remixed and he's heading back out on the road with his old touring partner Justin Townes Earle so I'd wager Joshua's popularity will continue to rise.

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