Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Road Trippin' IV:: Keeping it Riel

AKA - Manitoba. We took a tour through the childhood home of the Metis leader, martyr, and overall moustachioed badass, Louis Riel. We pulled in and snaked a spot in front of an elementary school, but whatever. Winnipeg was a cool looking city though, despite the fact the wind almost blew our car off the road.

We found our way into Northern Ontario and spent the night in a Union town - Ignace. Not to poke fun at small town living, but it was crazy to see trucks with the Calvin dude pissing on SCABS instead of the usual Ford or Chevy logo.

Now, you can't go through Winnipeg and not listen to the Weakerthans, but here are some other tracks that cropped into the playlist:

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At 8:06 PM, Anonymous John Michael Cassetta did sayeth:

This whole "Road Trippin'" series is gold, guys. Being from Texas, I haven't been up that far north (well, not for very long), but I know the feeling of road tripping, and how much effort goes into picking the music etc. etc. Anyway, just stopping in to say good luck on the trip.


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