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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ROAD TRIPPIN V:: When you're this big... they call you

...Ontario. Damn, this province is big. We've been driving for almost 1500 KM and can't even get a sniff of Toronto. We've been staying in such small towns that we had to eat dinner @ a Little League banquet last night.

Obviously, the towns aren't that small but it feels like it. Today we powered through Thunder Bay, and got to see the statue of Terry Fox. For anyone who doesn't know about Terry Fox, he's a Canadian hero and after being diagnosed with cancer, he tried to walk across Canada to raise awareness. Basically, he was doing the Forest Gump thing but for real, for a great cause and without making any shrimp references.

The rest of Northern Ontario has been more desolate than Brandon Fraser's scalp. You get to see glimpses of the Great Lakes, and row houses of rocks. Sadly, most of the trees you see are dying - I'm not sure if it's from Beetles, parasites or the huge winds that terrorize the region, but it looks like the Sneers have run amuck in the forests here.

We've driven past truck after truck, crazy wildlife and basically we've thrown the IPOD on random hoping to get some music that fits the trip. Today, we hit on tons but these were the standouts:

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At 9:19 AM, Blogger naedoo did sayeth:

The Sneers! Awesome.



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