Friday, May 23, 2008

Road Trippin VI:: Sault-per Trooper

Ontario - it's the driving equivalent of Nicholas Nickleby. You keep hoping it's going to end soon, but there is yet another act. Today we hit Sault Ste. Marie - home of two famous Canadians:

1.) Roberta Bondar - the first female Canadian astronaut
2.) My brother-in-law - the Italian/Canadian hurdler that loves Rush, Guitar Hero and John Bonham

Not to slag Northern Ontario, but when we finally pulled into Sudbury today - which is by no means a booming metropolis (it's a mining town) - we were happy to have more than one restaurant option and for people not to stare at us as we walked down the street. Sudbury offered up sushi and a huge bed. Anything else would have been gravy.

Here are some of the songs that really hit the mark for us today:

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