Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Summer:: The Explorers Club

The last two days here in Vancouver have been unreal. You wake up to find the sun already shining and the water shimmering like a summer camp fantasy. You feel like you are watching old stock film as the grass shakes off the morning dew and stands to attention in unison. The gentle warmth that encompasses the city is so forgiving, so inviting that you can't help but feel inspired.

Everyone seems antsy as they search for something new; love, a patio or a n unearthed corner of the beach. People just stop by as they walk through the neighborhood, avoiding the hassle of making tons of futile phone calls with the hope of seeing your friends. Patios replace couches and ice cold beer replaces those solitary goblets of wine. More importantly, every breath you take is full of life.

Those are the feelings I get when I listen to Freedom Wind.


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