Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Great Canadian Mixtape Project:: Alberta

Alberta - land of oil, Gretzky, booming economies, terrific beef and sunburn causing ski hills - we pay tribute to you. Listen, we know we took forever trying to get this mix off the ground and because my IMAC is still in storage, we didn't even finish the cover art.

We apologize. We were waiting on some special tracks and then as soon as we got them, I had to move across the country. As a result, a few of our exclusives (Women, Ayla Brook) are now common fodder on the net (but thanks Ken, we appreciate the killbeat-style hustle) and a few other acts we wanted to hype up have stumbled into the spotlight. Regardless, without further ado, we present: presents:: hoodoo you think you are?

Probably our best name yet in this series - as the Hoodoos are some crazy rocks that populate Alberta and look like leftover sets from Young Guns. This mix is solid from top to bottom and we really didn't solidify the final track until last night when Ours To Destroy delivered a sneak peak of their new work and bumped one unsuspecting uke player from our mix. We were happy to find out that the province is chock-o-block full of diverse acts; Alberta hating hip-hop, tender folk, indie dance tracks about facial hair and of course a track or two about cowboys.

The funniest part of this mix is the live track we recorded at last year's pop explosion. The Dudes came out and people legit lost their mind, screaming and yelling and getting the boys to sign autographs after their set (note - they were the openers, but it was like they were The Stones).

There are some people you might have expected to make the grade - like Rollie Pemberton (though I guess he did show up to drop a guest verse for Dragon Fli Empire) but for the most part these are people we've enjoyed and want to help out. Also, to anyone who hasn't realized that Mark Davis is a huge talent, download the song and start paying attention to this guy.

Download the ZIP here.

Horse Soldier, Horse Solider - Corb Lund
What Don't Eat You Whole - Spreepark (MP3)
Alien Man - Ours to Destroy (MP3)
Grow Your Own Fucking Moustache, Asshole - The Wet Secrets
Alberta's Trying to Kill Me - Ira Lee (MP3)
Do the Right Thing (Live @ HPX-07) - The Dudes
Antisocial - The Whitsundays
Black Rice - Women
Nervous Habitats - Junior Bloomsday (MP3)
Shadowy Lines - Toy Singers (MP3)
Outside Inn (ft. Cadence Weapon) - Dragon Fli Empire
After the Morning After - Ayla Brook
It Hasn't Yet - Darren Frank
C'mon Baby Say Bang Bang - Jane Vain & the Dark Matter
Winter Beast - Hot Panda (MP3)
Somethin' Real - Touch & Nato ft. Wordsworth
Buried Them in the Water - Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir
Burning Post - Mark Davis
This Beautiful Bottle - Lorrie Matheson
Steel Hard Heart - Field + Stream (MP3)

So, as always, enjoy the mix and please if you like what you hear go to a show or buy a record.

Up next? Well, it looks like we might be getting jiggy with Quebec so Mark Berube, if you are reading this, please send over that recording of Say It Ain't So.

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At 2:06 PM, Blogger guero canadiense did sayeth:

Nice to see a little of the Corb Lund on here...


At 2:00 AM, Anonymous marc xavier leblanc (aka bones) did sayeth:

another great mix! other cool Alberta bands to check out would be: Mt. Royal, WoodPigeon, Aaron Booth and The Summerlad to name a few extras... here are a few links:

it's funny cause i'm actually in Calgary as i write this comment. i'm spending two weeks here in Alberta with my girlfriend visiting her family. keep up the nice work once again boys of Herohill.

always in photo and music,

marc... aka bones... moncton nb canada


At 7:07 AM, Blogger ack did sayeth:

Funniest thing is .. up until I read your comment, I thought Aaron was on the mix. I gushed about his record and put him on the list of bands I jotted down to include.

No one ever said herohill was organized


At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Mark did sayeth:

Love Ira Lee!
Is Epic originally from Saskatchewan?
Here's hoping to seeing him on the Saskatchewan mix tape.


At 5:08 PM, Blogger Marilyn Burgess did sayeth:

Great compilation! Great idea on the Canadian mixtape series! A suggestion for the BC edition:


At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

I like it! I would have probably chosen a different Corb Lund song though. "Hurtin Albertin" seems particularly appropriate.


At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Timbo did sayeth:

Great Mix! I downloaded the zip, but noticed that 2 tracks (Winter Beast & The Beautiful Bottle) didn't show up.... let me know if I can grab them to complete my playlist!


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