Friday, June 6, 2008

Live:: Jon Mckiel @ Hell's Kitchen

Despite what the Ack and his earlier, Women-centric, post would have you believe, there were other acts on the bill Wednesday night at Hell's Kitchen. Young Medicine Hat, Alberta singer-songwriter Brett Nelson opened things up, and was followed by the aforementioned Women (who did very much kill it as the Ack mentioned). Calgary's Mt. Royal were up next and the (very long) night was closed by Halifax's Jon McKiel.

Just as an aside, is there anyway we can start these shows in Halifax when they are billed (ie. 10PM)? I mean it was a Wednesday, and the Ack and I are kind of old, we need to rest. Granted, it was our first show since the Ack's return, so we weren't too worried about the late start at first, but by the end we were dying.

Anyway, we had a few more photos and a couple songs from last night, so I thought I'd share them with you fine folks. Unfortunately I didn't get any audio from Brett Nelson or Mt. Royal (although I would've liked to have recorded Nelson's song where he played the guitar and recited survival tips, the bit about drinkable water behind a fisheye was interesting). I was looking forward to seeing McKiel play live, but unfortunately the evening was mighty long, and so we didn't see his entire set. But what we heard was pretty solid though, and I'd very much like to see him again when it wasn't 1:45 AM on a Thursday morning. McKiel has dates coming up across Canada in the next month or so, check his myspace for a show near you.

Mt. Royal

Jon McKiel

Jon McKiel

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