Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Must See NXNE:: Unsparing Sea

NXNE is starting up, and there are countless terrific acts fighting for your hard earned duckets. You could easily stagger around aimlessly and still see Golden Hands Before God, Ours to Destroy, Jon McKiel, Orillia Opry, Adam Puddington, Money Mark, Swervedriver, James Pants, Great Lake Swimmers.. Wait, why are we not going again? There are also countless free shows - Ted Leo for one, Two Hours Traffic, Ladyhawk or the East Meats West Kelp/Saved By Radio BBQ (featuring Lorrie Matheson, Andy Swan, Camp Radio, and the Violet Archers + tonnes more).

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But one act that will probably slide under the radar is Unsparing Sea. Ironically with that nautical themed name, they come from the mistake by the mi-lake (Cleveland) and are playing the Boat on Thursday night @ 8pm as part of NXNE.

So why pick them over the hundreds of other acts? Well, in a simple review, they are hard to describe. Cpmpletely comfortable with 6-minute tracks, the band somehow crafts epics that manage to feel desolate and open and still encompassing. The textures float along like graceful waves, slowly washing over you as the swells build slowly. Each song seems to move at the speed of the current, so the sudden crashing seems even more powerful, but always remaining beautiful.

The restrained power of tracks like O! Form, O! Place and The Fawn draw you in like ominous, dark clouds off in the distance and the slow pulls of the cello on National Guard leave you feeling like you alone on the open water, questioning everything you hold dear. I don't want to make the record seem too heavy, as they are able to switch gears and look past the Grey muses that dominate most of their songs for brief moments of escape, highlighted by the subtle, simple crunch of I Wasn't There, That Didn't Happen.

I'm not sure how else to describe them, but I can easily say that I'd be making the journey to see them if I still lived in TO.

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At 1:53 AM, Anonymous Ronatron did sayeth:

Unsparing Sea really does remind me of Arcade Fire. If only I was in Toronto, I would check them out.


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