Monday, June 9, 2008

Old School Mondays:: Cypress Hill & Funkdoobiest

I'm not sure how it came up in conversation last week, but at some point Ack said to me "have we ever featured Cypress Hill on OSM"? Well the answer was no, so it became a must-do for this week? But what song you ask? It had to be something from their debut, and the Ack and I both agreed on the excellence of Hand On The Pump, so we went with that.

We thought for sure there was another song that sampled Duke Of Earl, and that was going to be song number two, whatever it was, but that know-it-all Google tells me otherwise. So it was plan B time, and plan B is usually look for songs by weed carriers. Well that's pretty easy with Cypress Hill, and the Ack quickly suggested Funkdoobiest. Personally I think Mellow Man Ace is my favorite of the Cypress Hill/DJ Muggs weed carriers, but I could not deny that the 'doobiest is solid, so we've got the B-Real featuring Wopbabalubop.

What can you say about Hand On The Pump? Can you name another song that inspired more white kids to scream about blasting someone with a shotgun? I can't. In retrospect, the lyrics are way irresponsible, but the song is so catchy that it's hard not to sing along. I mean that scratchy Duke Of Earl sample alone is addictive enough to make me love this song forever. Even awesomer is that the Duke of Earl isn't tied into the song at all, although apparently there is an old-school latino gangster movie with the same name, so maybe that's the connection. Muggs' funky guitar licks also play a big role in the songs appeal, as usual. Not sure Muggs always gets the credit he deserves when the great producers are discussed. And of course what discussion of Cypress Hill would be complete without a Sen Dog reference? Poor Sen, he wasn't a terrible MC really, and his hype man shouts were some of the best in the biz ("puffin' on a blunt!"), but following old-school, in-form B-Real on every track would be tough business for anyone. Anyway, on the off chance you haven't heard this, enjoy.

I'm guessing that when Muggs found Funkdoobiest, he was like "wow, these dudes are the poormans us". Crazy voiced frontman Son Doobie does indeed play the poormans B-Real role quite well, and the other dudes are, well, not really important. Not to discount the contributions of DJ Ralph M and Tomahawk Funk, but with Son, there would be no doobiest. Most people think to the electro-funk of Bow Wow Wow, when they think of Funkdoobiest, and that is a solid jam, but we went for the grittier Wopbabalubop. It seemed to tie in better because it features B-Real, but also because it, like Hand On The Pump, samples a classic old school jam - Little Richard's classic Tutti Frutti (it seems odd to call a song which many people know more from an Eddie Murphy skit a classic, but it certanily is. Note: I know most people don't know it from Eddie's skit, but that skit is awesome and I wanted to link it. "Honey, never wear battleship grey, 2000 sailors will try and board you!"). Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, Funkdoobiest. This is a great golden age song: great video, whooores getting their dance on in shady hotel rooms, a solid thumping beat that's perfect to do that dance with your arms going up and down that everyone did when they rapped during this period. What more do you need? I say nothing, enjoy.


Cypress Hill - Hand On The Pump


Funkdoobiest - Wopbabalubop

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FUnkdDoobiest have a new album:

Golden B-Boys!!!


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