Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quick hitters:: Dreamsploitation


Today has been a debacle of a day. Not to sound like a throw away from the Matrix, but the thing about working a computer job is that there are some days where you basically feel like a shaved monkey. Your hours are consumed by repetition and brain dead activity.

Normally, I like my job, but on days like today, I feel like I'm close to losing it like those dude you see on the Net, but thanks to the pleasant sounds of Dreamsploitation, I was able to relax in spite of the stress and anger.

You might remember we featured the one man band - chuck blazevic - on the Nova Scotia mix, and I always meant to go back and get the whole record, but never did. Turns out, it's terrific music to keep you sharp at work or help you unwind with a glass of wine. Chuck's style is kind of like a subdued Caribou or maybe a more organic Kim Hiorth√ły and his mix of beats, jazz, and textures is impressive, especially since he opts for combinations of sounds that float by almost unnoticed, instead of crafting head nodding beats.

Sure he still can lay down solid drum machine percussion (like he does on Our Future Salad Days), but instead of fueling your party, Dreamsploitation's best work reveals itself slowly, like a sort of time lapse photography. Even when the tempo peaks - like on the opening track, The Night Everything Changed - sounds and layers till hold you close. Somehow, he makes IDM tracks like Our Very Own Harmonized Quilt seem comforting and warm.

Perhaps this isn't the greatest review; my day is far from over and my mind is far from strong, but Soft Focus Sounds of Today is full of pleasant surprises (like the Euro pop feel he samples into Continue to Dream, if only Sleeping) and worthy of a listen. Check out a few tracks and take that first sip of wine and you'll actually start feeling the unwanted weight fall off your shoulders. Wait, that made it sound like a musical bubble bath... sorry Chuck. Ah... Just go buy the record.

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