Monday, June 9, 2008

Quick hitters:: Jacksonknife


I honestly wish I could charge a small fee and help DIY bands get their work out in a way that helps them get attention on the blogosphere. I don’t mean full fledged PR, I just mean having an easy to download music section on a web site (not a myspace page) , help them avoid angering fickle bloggers with constant comparisons to acts like Radiohead and help them realize the importance of tagging their songs.

I know the latter may seem like a minor deal for most readers, but when you get hundreds of emails from bands and PR folk all talking about the next great thing, loading up songs with no tags is a sure fire way to have an album ignored. I guess that's the problem with getting those chunk emails; the people sending out the info to every blog on the web means they don't always think about the small details (or more accurately maybe, my listening habits are different from most).

Such is the case with Jacksonknife. The NY based band sent us a copy of their new EP when I was driving across the country, which I downloaded with the intention of actually listening to, but when I added their songs to Itunes they came up with no artists attached. As a result, they hovered down at the bottom of my list and didn't even get synced on my Ipod.

Which is a shame, as their EP - You Don't Know What You Are Talking About - is an incredibly easy listen. The songs are tight, thanks to the steady production hand of Kyle Johnson. The band uses elements of folk and swirling strings to give a bit of depth to their indie rocking guitars, and those little elements help front man Jeremy Kirkland's songs seem bigger than they actually are. Whether it's the little xylophone that dances around The Morning or the Motown swagger of the horns on Truthfully, Jacksonknife is trying to find a unique, fun sound.

And for the most part they do. I'm not sold on the out of place folk ditty, Catholics, and to be completely fair, The Morning is saved by a terrific chorus, but for a new band they seem to have a lot of the right pieces in place. I know the last thing NY needs is another indie pop hybrid band to be dubbed the "it group", and I wouldn't say that Jacksonknife qualify for that distinction.

Instead, they present a collection of songs that show promise and makes you wonder what's going to happen when the band sits down to write a full-length.

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