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Monday, June 16, 2008

Quick hitters:: Paper Lions

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It's not too often a band that sends herohill a record also gets TV airplay on MuchMusic. In fact, most of the videos are hip hop or bubble gum pop, and to be honest the amount of flossin', ballin' and ghost ridin' we get into has dropped significantly in the last few years, so we aren't really in tune with the videos you see on the ole yack box.

But more surprising was a band could get airplay and be completely unknown to us. As far as indie rock/pop tracks that rise to the top, it's almost impossible to not have at least heard of a band here in Canada. I mean, other than Nicklesack and the clowns that sing that Paralyzed song, there isn't much rock getting mainstream love up North.

So when I got sent the 2007 self-titled debut from PEI's Paper Lions, I was stumped. The lead single - Travelling - is as catchy a track as I've heard in forever, and even though it's like a year old, I'd never heard it before. It combines the slink and punch a good pop song needs, but also throws in a catchy face melter, ear pleasing vocals and a solid breakdown.

I couldn’t believe this band could come out of nowhere. The style, the sound; it all seemed to add up to something more than a brand new band from the Potato Province giving it the ole college try. Turns out, that was for good reason. The Paper Lions got some huge play as The Chucky Danger Band - including a spot on the Warp Tour. Musically, these guys really cook. With more than a few tips of the hat to The Fab Four and the Police, you quickly realize this band is going to be the real deal, but even with a solid understanding of the history of pop music, they are working hard at crafting their own sound.

It's rare that a track that fits happily into radio rotation is one for me, but both I'm On Fire and Travelling are so god damn catchy, I'm not sure how you can't let them loop on repeat. And to top it off, the band is just as comfortable slowing the tempo, like they do on the world music influenced One Thousand Voices or the summery, harmony filled The Sheriff (an unashamed Beatles influenced number).

So, 2007 was a huge year for the band, but they've got a new record coming out in '08, already opened for Cake's Canadian shows, and are probably swinging into Halifax in August. So no matter what the kids think, we'd bet that means means even bigger and better things for the Paper Lions.


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At 12:15 AM, Anonymous Ronatron did sayeth:

To be honest, I've never heard of them either. But after listening to the sample tracks you have on your website, I am really impressed by all the catchy hooks. It's no wonder they're getting the radio and tv airplay. Hopefully they come to Vancouver sometime soon and I'll just have to go and write a review myself.


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