Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reviews:: HotKid The Cost EP

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It seems I've been listening to more swagger filled, big licked, rock 'n roll lately. First, Shelter With Thieves and now I am going to talk about Ontario's HotKid. This smoking two-piece uses big guitars, driving drums and the sweet sneer of Shiloh Harrison's vocals.

It may only be three songs, but the cost shows that HotKid has all the ingredients required for a heavy rock bouillabaisse. In only 11 minutes and three songs HotKid hits you in the mouth with some old fashioned axe work and cymbal crashes on Southern Rock, and quickly follows it up with the standout track on the EP - The One You Hold.

But the most encouraging track is the closer. Understanding that even a rock record can't possibly keep raising the energy and pace on every song, MacIntonish controls the tempo with a rock solid drum beat and lets Shiloh experiment with grunts and powerful ohs. Counting is full of the thick, sludge that turns the slower track into a head nodding anthem.

If you like the brash, assured delivery of Grand Ole Party's Kristin Gundred, these are 3 songs that you should grab quickly, especially because when the full length eventually gets recorded, HotKid is going to be a band all your friends are talking about.

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At 8:17 PM, Anonymous Ronatron did sayeth:

HotKid is a nice raw band. They remind me of Vapid, a local Vancouver band, who also knows how to rock out. It's nice to hear this instead of all that studio mastered tunes with voice ranges that aren't even in the human hearing range.


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