Thursday, June 5, 2008

Reviews:: Women live @ the Marquee in Halifax

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If the early buzz on the impossible to Google, Calgary-based band WOMEN is any indicator, these young dogs can hunt. Mixing experimental noise bursts with surprising groove filled riffs and crushing percussion, this four-piece is going to be one on the lips of a slew of critics at year end.

Here's the skinny. We were waiting to talk about them because they played here in Halifax last night and they are the type of band that becomes that much better when the adrenaline starts flowing. Well that, and to be honest, we didn't think they'd catch on so fast. The staccato bursts and challenging listen doesn't usually translate for such a quick embrace in Blogtown USA, especially when it's a young band from Alberta.

I can easily see why - talent wise alone, they are writing terrific songs - but more evident is the constant link to their label mate and producer, Canadian lo-fi recording wizard, Chad Van Gaalen. They have seamlessly embraced not only the recording techniques Chad favors, Women also effortlessly mix noise, static and infectious hooks. I know, I know… you've heard this all before about hundreds of bands and before last night, I would have been skeptical too. But, after seeing them absolutely crush an all too short set last night at Hell's Kitchen, it's hard to imagine Women being the next big thing coming from the Great White North.

The self-titled debut is only 29 minutes, and really is more a collection of truncated ideas surrounding five more structured tracks, but live the songs, much like the plethora of equipment the band uses, mesh together into a surging, morphing mass. The set was energy filled, driven by Matt's thick bass lines but it was fueled by front man Pat's spastic guitar and yelps, and Mike's crashing percussion. They were able to balance the experimental noise with tight interaction and sounds that made heads bob.

On record, you quickly realize that the tracks are incredibly creative, but still accessible and rather than play that sounds like game, I'd rather just give them credit for being a young band that is making waves because they take big risks. But the sign of greatness is confirmed when they hit the stage. You really get to see that this band isn't trying hard to find a sound that critics like, and as the few lucky people who showed up last night can attest to, the sound is something that comes from deep inside their souls. This might be the first time you've read about them on the hill, but it certainly won’t be the last.

Here are a couple of tracks we recorded last night, Black Rice and a medley of two tracks we couldn't identify, but sounded stellar.

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At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

loving the mp3s. thanks for posting them!


At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

The mp3s are better than live, but still don't care for it. Not sure what the hype is about.


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