Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Halifax:: The Week in Music

You see those happy, screaming, culturally diverse people of various ages having the time of their lives? THAT COULD BE YOU!

Obviously I'm kidding, but this week is the best week I can remember for the Halifax indie scene. I know you might be skeptical and accuse me of blogger hyberbole, but the amount of shows and artists shuffling around the city before Sappyfest this weekend is pretty impressive and a few people decided to make the jaunt to Halifax before heading to Sackville.

I mean, just look at these shows:

Wed, 30 @ Gus' Pub, 10pm, $5
Burning Hell, Wax Mannequin, Jenny Omnichord ( from barmitzah brothers) and Richard Laviolette

Thu, Jul 31 @ The Marquee $6
Sandro Perri (ON), Ghost Bees & le skiv

Fri, Aug 1 @ Alderney Landing
Joel Plaskett Emergency, Old Man Luedecke & Dave Marsh & The True Love Rules

Sun, Aug 3 @ The Carelton
Nathan Wiley & Christina Martin

Plus you have Sappyfest, which has just about every terrific Canadian artist, including Chad Van Gaalen, Miracle Fortress, Eric's Trip, Adam & the Amatheyst, Ghost Bees, Snailhouse, Julie Doiron, Jim Bryson, Wet Nose Hero, and ... well, you get the deal.

Halifax is kind of fickle with surprisingly small crowds showing for terrific National acts, so let's get off our asses and raise our glasses this week. You need more? How about a blogger convention with supermodel Paul Watson from Wolves Hawks and Kites meeting up with us @ the Burning Hell show and Sappyfest.

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