Monday, July 7, 2008

Old School Mondays:: ATCQ, Apache & Larry Lar

Yes friend, you read the header right: A Tribe Called Quest, Apache and Larry Lar. How exactly do these songs relate? Well, let me explain. First off I should explain that my main goal this week was to get OSM up on Monday, after back to back weeks of Tuesday OSM posting. So the talking will be kept to a minimum, but hopefully you enjoy the jams.

Anyway, last week the Ack sent me the link to Tribe's video for Check The Rhime because there's a scene we're looking to possibly interpolate into a new header design (launching the coast to coast theme right before Ack moves back to Halifax wasn't the best piece of timing, but that's how we operate around here). But here's the point, if you don't like Check The Rhime, leave this site right now. Close the browser and never come back (note: please come back). Simply a fantastic, classic hip hop song and I really need no reason to post it other than that.

But what to post with it? The song has many excellent qualities, but when I think of Check The Rhime I think of the classic Tip line:

Industry rule number four thousand and eighty,
record company people are shady.
So kids watch your back 'cause I think they smoke crack,
I don't doubt it. Look at how they act.

One of my favorite lines of all time, and surely I'm not alone, as I see it referenced in various places online all the time (just ask Michael Google about "industry rule 4080" if you don't believe me). So I thought I'd find another song that used the lyric, but there wasn't much in the way of old school jams. However, I did find something from Apache of "Gangster Bitch" fame. It's a song called Keep It Real from NJ collective the Flavor Unit's crew album Roll With Tha Flava. The album is from '93 and this jam is very representative of that time, but he does flip the classic Tip lyric:

Industry rule number
(If you come to battle, bring-bring a shot-shotgun)

Ole Apache tweaks it in a hardcore manner, adds one just because he can. Anyway, it's not a bad jam but as an aside be on the lookout for both Apache and this Flavor unit album in future OSM's (there's a song on Roll With Tha Flava called Sounds of Fattness by the Bigga Sistas. Enough said).

I wanted to come with a bonus track for today's edition, so we also have Jazz It Up from the legendary Larry Lar. Well he's likely semi-legendary in Philly, and amongst golden age rap loving nerds of a certain age. Jazz It Up actually uses the same horns as Check The Rhime, and it is also awesome, so although I covered Larry ages ago on the hill, the Ack and I loved this album, so I have no problem posting an additional song. Enjoy!


A Tribe Called Quest - Check The Rhime

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