Old School Mondays:: Happy 141st Birthday Canada! Edition

If you aren’t in the know about this country sometimes called the Great White North, you might not have known that today is our nation’s birthdate. That being said, if you clicked on this post based on any of the songs it contains, you likely must be Canadian. Either way, we’re glad you’re here to help us celebrate Canada Day, and so I thought it made sense to save OSM until today and drop some Old School Canadian gems on you. Either that or I was busy hosting some guests over the weekend (bigup to T and Jen) and didn’t get a chance to prepare OSM for yesterday. One or the other.

Today marks Canada’s 141st Birthday, and so we’ve got a 4+1 melange of songs for you. Some I’ve posted before, some are new, but they’re all quite enjoyable. First up is the MCJ & Cool G classic, So Listen, which we get requests for on a regular basis since it was first posted, so I figured it should go back up. We also have Kish’s Rhyme The World In 80 Days which I’ve talked about before. We have Canadian gimmick rap covered with Organized Rhyme’s Check The O.R. for the thirteen or fourteen people who watch that show Tom Green does from his house. Another Dope Jam by Ground Control is a song I remember big time from Rapcity back in the day, so I had to grab it when I saw it on Living Underwater.

Finally, as a closer, we must have some Maestro, so we have the awesomely bad name combo of Certs Wid Out Da Retsyn from the Maestro’s 1994 album Naaah, Dis Kid Can’t Be From Canada. Great song though, can’t deny that. I looked high and low for some other classic Canadian tracks, like HDV’s Pimp Of The Microphone, Devon’s Mr. Metro or that Simply Majestic song that featured B. Kool (Dance To The Music or something) but to no avail, so if you have any of these send them our way. For now though, get your Canada on with these fine selections.



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