Monday, July 28, 2008

Old School Mondays:: MC 900 Ft Jesus

All right, OSM this week is all about fulfilling a request. A couple of weeks ago herohill associate and former contributor Mario "Mr. E" Eleftheros made a request for MC 900 Ft. Jesus. And yes, as unlikely as it seems, he was indeed serious about seeing some 900 Ft. Jebus action on the hill. Well, I'm never one to deny requests, especially ones that come from an extended crew member and loyal commenter like Mario. So for your old school enjoyment today we're going to do a 900 Ft. Jesus hatrick: Truth Is Out Of Style, The Killer Inside Me, and If I Only Had a Brain.

Now I'm not going to front like I'm a big fan of Mark Griffin, the man who dubbed himself MC 900 Ft. Jesus after hearing Oral Roberts describe a vision in which he saw a ginormous Jesus, but obviously I knew who he was back in the day. I mean, if you were white, rappin', and had an album that was available for purchase at locations other than the trunk of your sweet Toyota Celica, chances are I was aware of you. But the chances that I also thought 900 Ft. Jebus was wack in 1990 are also pretty high. I was a bit of a rap-zealot back then, and the name 900 Ft. Jesus kind of smacks of the gimmickry. And if we're being honest, despite the fact that Truth Is Out Of Style from 1990's Hell With The Lid Off has kind of a solid beat, 900 Jebus' raps on that song are not flowing the smoothest.

I think a little break to think about context is important here. If Griffin were recording and releasing albums right now, no one would bat an eye, but in 1990, a white, classically-trained musician deciding to put out rap albums would've been nuttier than most people could handle. Even if he didn't actually rap all that much on his albums. At least the American Psycho-esque Killer Inside Me from 1991's Welcome To My Dream is a little more listenable on the lyric tip. I should also say that listening to 900 Ft. Jebus' albums right now (and for the first time for most songs) that the production is fairly solid on many of the songs. There are some solid cuts from DJ Zero on these albums as well, and so they certainly have an old school feel.

Ironically enough, one of the main reasons people have heard of the 900 Ft. Jesus is because of the video for If I Only Had A Brain, from 94's One Step Ahead Of The Spider, which was done by Spike Jonze during his first couple years of video making. The ironic bit is that I can't find that video anywhere to post. I can't even find the Beavis & Butthead clip that uses this video, and I know, that's TOTALLY ironic, so call Alanis. Anyway, I'm getting tired of typing MC 900 Ft. Jesus, so enjoy the songs.


MC 900 Ft. Jesus - Truth Is Out Of Style

MC 900 Ft. Jesus - Killer Inside Me

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At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

About time...gotta give props to the has a dummy and is kinda creepy. I like how I am refered to as a "former" contributor ever since my "involuntary" retirement from the Hill...


At 9:32 AM, Blogger naedoo did sayeth:

hahaha, oh come on now, you know you'll always be a part of the hill posse. When Mitsou finally puts out the comeback album, you know who we'll be turning to for coverage!


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