Friday, July 4, 2008

Preview:: Sappyfest 2008

shhhh...Sappyfest '08 is almost here
I know we've talked about this year's Sappyfest a few times here on the hill, but I don't think we've posted our official preview post. So, uh, consider this that post. The fest takes place August 1-3 in Sackville, New Brunswick, and looking at the lineup, I have to think it's going to be quite the event. After all, the Ack and I are thinking about making the trip from Halifax to check it out, so that should be all the endorsement you need.

No quite enough to convince you? Fair enough, through the miracle of technology you can preview a song from pretty well every artist appearing at the fest via the handy little artistxite player below:

For those too lazy to click on the lineup link above, here's the list:

100 Dollars, The Acorn, Adam & The Amethysts, Attack In Black, B.A. Johnston, Baby Eagle, The Baird Brothers, Laura Barrett, Bette & Wallet, The Bicycles, The Burning Hell, Bruce Peninsula, Calm Down It's Monday, Castle Music, Cat Pontoon, Chad Van Gaalen, Christine Fellows, Colonial Quarrels, Construction & Destruction, Deloro, Dog Day, Julie Doiron, D'ubervilles, Elfin Saddle, Erika Werry, Eric Chenaux, Ghost Bees, The Got To Get Got, Hard Drugs, Jenny Omnichord, Jim Bryson, John Tielli & The Metal Kites, Just Barelys, Katie Stelmanis, Koak, Lovesinger, Luyas, Mardeen, Memories Attack, Miracle Fortress, Motion Ensemble, Old Man Luedecke, Play Guitar, Quest For Fire, Richard Laviolette, Ryan Driver, Sandro Perri, Share, Shotgun Jimmie, Snailhouse, The Stance, Stolen Minks, The Superfantastics, Thesis, Think About Life, Wax Mannequin, West Ave, Wet Nose Hero, Rick White, Woolly Leaves and Your New Father

And if that still isn't enough, they have a sweet Larry legend pic from his Indiana State days as the logo for the fest on their site. That alone should seal the deal.

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