Saturday, July 5, 2008

Quick hitters:: castlemusic

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After a terrific night of music last night - seriously, seeing i see rowboats and Rich Aucoin play in a little space with absolutely perfect acoustics made it hard to want to head down to the Seahorse for the Mardeen release show, but more on both later - I got excited by the huge amount of talent we have here on the East Coast.

That's probably why we started talking about our Sappyfest plans, and what made me realize I've been meaning to chitter chat about one of the smaller acts on the terrific bill. Jennifer Castle - aka castlemusic - is one of those bands that I gush over and most people simply shrug and carry on. I understand that to some, fragile folk is not exciting, but Jennifer really opens up the genre.

Musically, her songs are the equivalent of the burning embers that give off the faintest warmth just before the fire turns to black. On a passing glance you barely notice, but once they grab your attention, you become entranced. Her tender voice trembles with emotion, as she uses the sparest accompaniment but there is always something more tucked in the corners and shoved in the pockets.

The guitar resonates, and even a single note you've heard may have heard many times before seems to echo differently. Heaven shouldn't be as powerful as it is. It's only a few strums and a voice, but it smolders with an quiet intensity and slowly wraps it's arms around you, engulfing you inside it's vice like grip. I haven't heard her full length - released on Blue Fog - but with songs like one two three, I think it's going to be a fantastic listen.

castlemusic opens up the Sunday, August 3rd late afternoon set that also includes Snailhouse, Sandro Perri, Christine Fellows and me lying down soaking it all in happily.


castlemusic - Heaven
castlemusic - Track 3

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