Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Quick hitters:: Cory Chisel

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Seriously. I didn't know anyone other than the Jerky Boys used the name Chisel, so I was a bit skeptical about an EP coming from a dude named Cory Chisel. It had potential to end up an electrofused, new wave punk mashup that would tighten my pants and increase the angularity of my hair. Toss in the fact that he's being touted as a Springsteen-ian and my expectations were lower than low.

In reality, Chisel's Cabin Ghosts is a more honest singer songwriter affair recorded live for a few people at an small club show. The six songs float by and let Chisel showcase his diversity. Some tracks are drenched in emotion, like the tender duet So Wrong For Me, while others (On My Side) drift into the whimsical, Teitur range. He channels the buoyancy of Neil Finn on See It My Way and closes the EP with a banjo laced, folky Home in the Woods.

I must admit, it's easy to let the songs repeat. The intimate sound of the recording lets you hear subtleties like the inhale just before the harmonies or the squeak of a chair against the floor. All in all, a nice listen and makes me interested in what happens next for Chisel.

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