Monday, July 21, 2008

Quick hitters:: The Mood

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It's a remarkable talent to craft pop songs that seem like they take no thought at all. While that might seem like a slag, I'm completely serious. Most pop that falls short is too formulaic, with sunshine and fun forced into every orifice and sounds like a tired rehash of songs from years ago.

But when I listen to the The Mood - which I have countless times in the last two weeks - almost every thought escapes my mind and critique goes out the window. I'm not sure how, but on tracks like In the Forest and Eskimo Scientist, the quintet makes you want to pogo around your bedroom but the sounds still shimmer with the sounds of California in the 60's.

Behind the strength of Marco Argiro's hooks, the quintet's new EP - Synaedthesia - flies by with touches of power pop, pop punk and straight ahead summery pop and I find myself reaching for the volume knob, unconcerned about being THAT guy driving around blaring music at ridiculous levels. No, when Corinne and Marco harmonize over sunshine filled rhythms and crunchy guitars, I just smile and sometimes that's all you need.

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