Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reviews:: Gravity Wave Twin Prime Conjecture

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Every so often a CD ends up in my mailbox and I'm left wondering … "what the &%#$ is this?" Who is this person and how did they get my address? Ninety-nine percent of the time it leads to a CD less valuable than one of those old AOL discs they used to mail out to anyone with a address, but in the case of Fort McMurray's Gravity Wave, the unexpected gift was a pleasant surprise.

I'll be completely honest, this would have been a tough sell if I'd known any better. Ken Farrell, at least in the pics I've seen, is rocking a white guy S curl and plays stripped down, art heavy electro jams. Usually, those type of jams get passed on like Sammy Bhalla playing the wing denial, but Ken's music isn't simply a vessel for his creative, quirky art school styles.

No, the Twin Prime Conjecture EP is pretty stellar lo-fi electro pop. Jams like Nectar and Buffalo Jump (the acoustic, bass and ghostly, prairie plains whistle that fill out the beat on the latter sounds terrific) are infectious tracks, but Ken's able to control the pace with slower, brooding numbers like the Britrock-infused Ghost In The Machine.

I'm not sure how easy it is for a project like this to gain momentum, but he's opened for bands the Helio Sequence and Canadian talents like Laura Barrett, Woodhands and the RAA have volunteered to play as his backing band. Without a doubt, the surge of Gravity Wave is building and if Ken's music keeps progressing, he might soon be on the same level as the countless number of musicians that sing his praises.


Gravity Wave - Buffalo Jump [Twin Prime Conjecture EP]
Gravity Wave - Princess [MARTYR'S BRIGADE LP(2007)]

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