Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reviews:: Mardeen - Read Less Minds

Mardeen's Read Less Minds is an album I've been meaning to talk about since we attended their record release a few weeks ago. In fact Mardeen is a band I've been meaning to talk about on the hill for quite some time as I'd always heard their name but never heard their work.

Anyway, I was excited to get the new album, and I wanted to spend some time with it and give it the full review treatment. Well I didn't really get that time until the last few days, but because the album is officially out now, and because it's such a warm, magnetic rock album, I wanted to make sure you ended your week in a Mardeen state of mind.

Mardeen is essentially co-fronted by first cousins Matt Ellis, Travis Ellis, and Jon Pearo who hail from Whycocomagh, Cape Breton. I'm sure that when you think of a band comprised of cousins from somewhere called Whycocomagh, you likely think of a band like this, but Mardeen is certainly a Halifax band, and you should really think of a band like this crossed with on like this. So cryptic! Look at me making you click the links to play the review comparison game.

Anyway, the fellas have been joined on a full-time basis by drummer Jason Burns (ex Down With The Butterfly), and with the release of Read Less Minds they're certainly aiming to build on the buzz they've been building over the last couple years. After going through the album a few times, I can see where that buzz comes from. Mardeen does a bit of a Sloan-style rotation, with Matt, Travis, and Jon all taking turns on lead vocal duty, but no matter who is manning the ship, the songs remain relentlessly melodic. It's not all melody though, as there's plenty of sonic oomph provided by the solid, yet raucous, guitar work that runs throughout the album.

For my money, and I certainly thought this was true seeing them live, Mardeen is at their best on the bigger, anthemic songs like Kids, City Lights, and A Lot To Be Loved which make it pretty difficult not to sing along with their infectious hooks. But there are plenty of other highlights on the album: the "oh oh oh oh"'s on You Feel It are pretty addictive, the sparse Honour matches soaring vocals with only guitar as accompaniment, and Telephones, for all its apathy ("you listen to techno, I hate that stuff"), is really rather charming.

This whole album's a charmer really, and it's growing on me more each time I listen to it. So check out Mardeen and Read Less Minds today and find out if they can charm your stripey alterna-socks off too.

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At 4:59 PM, Anonymous Paul did sayeth:

Is this a re-issue? I swear it came out a while ago. Hell, it made my list of top unsung albums of 2007! Ha, guess I jumped the gun...


At 2:42 PM, Blogger naedoo did sayeth:

Yeah, I'm not exactly sure what the deal is here. I think a couple songs were released from the album, but I think there were issues getting it released?

Anyway, it's out now!


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