Friday, July 11, 2008

Sappyfest quick hitter:: Woolly Leaves


We are trying to showcase most of the bands for this year's Sappyfest, especially since we are making the effort to head down and beat the heat in the lovely town of Sackville. We've covered almost every act on the Sunday docket, but remarkably, we've neglected to talk about Woolly Leaves.

Who the hell is that you might ask? Well, Woolly Leaves is the stripped down, acoustic project of The Constantines keyboard man, Will Kidman. The songs he writes are about as different as you can get from the hard rocking stuff his better known project creates, but no less enjoyable. Quiet Waters is full of songs so fragile, you feel like they could break at any second. They are drenched in sadness as Will watches time pass by too quickly and heartbreak, memories and regrets linger painfully. His voice is so honest that he can do a piano only take of Rainbow Connection and you get completely swept up in the tender emotion.

He's playing with Ghost Bees on Sunday, and by doing one of those Family Circus follow the lines type jobbies, I also see Castlemusic is playing the same day. One can only assume that Jennifer will show up to add her lovely female voice to the songs like she did on the record.

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