Thursday, August 7, 2008



How fitting that on the Eve before the Olympics, we get some news of another project that has been on hiatus for four years.Unlike the Olympics, I've long been a huge Cub Country fan - Jeremy is a terrific guy and an even better musician - and his last two solo records were criminally ignored by the masses.

Well, it seems that four years after the release of Stay Poor. Stay Happy, Mr. Chatelain is ready to give us Stretch that Skull Cover and Smile.

He's previewing two tracks right now - a flushed out, pedal steel heavy version of my favorite track, Painted Flowers (which we previewed two year ago) and a brand new track called Lone Tall Pines. With his ever changing band now solidified, this song shows that the new record will have more twang and Kathryne Youkstetter's backing vocals warm up the the melancholic track nicely. Stretch that Skull Cover and Smile just skyrocketed up the list of my most anticipated LPs for '08.


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