Monday, August 11, 2008

Old School Mondays:: R.I.P. Isaac Edition

I had something else planned for OSM this week (oh yes, I bet you're dying to know. Next week friends, next week) but after the passing of the iconic Isaac Hayes yesterday, it only seems right to dedicate this week's OSM to him. In fact, the Ack was insistent that it would be sacrilege not to, and he was right of course. Not only because Hayes' own musical catalog is so rich, but also because he has to be one of the most frequently sampled artists, from the beginning of hip hop up until today.

I'm not going to go into great detail here about why Isaac was the man, simply check the video below. Yes, he was Chef on South Park, but he certainly did much, much more than that in his lifetime. He possessed a sexy-man voice of the highest order, but he was also a pretty impressive composer and arranger of music, as even a quick listen to a few of his songs will show. So I encourage you to look into his history if you're unfamiliar with him. For my part, I think it's best to pay homage with some songs his work helped to create. R.I.P. Isaac, you were in fact a bad mother...shut my mouth.

Video:: said

A word on the songs you say? Sure thing:
The Geto Boys - My Mind Playin' Tricks On Me - I've posted this like once, twice or thrice before, a supreme classic.
2nd II None - If You Want It - Ack and I might be the only ones who still remember these DJ Quik weed carriers, but their debut album was tres awesome.
Big Daddy Kane - Smooth Operator - A BDK classic, which makes sense, as I imagine Isaac Hayes and BDK hung out at some point.
The D.O.C. - Let The Bass Go - Simply put: herohill loves the D.O.C. So any chance to post something from him is taken with enthusiasm.
Beastie Boys - The Sound Of Science - One for the Ack. Well for me too I suppose, as Paul's Boutique is my favourite Beastie's album.
Public Enemy - Caught, Can We Get a Witness - In my humble, any list is made better with the addition of something from Nation of Millions.
Special Ed - Neva Go Back - I've posted this before, but it's great, so I invoke by my right to re-post greatness.
Black, Rock & Ron - Rap Life - A sad reason to post a another Black, Rock & Ron song, but it's Black, Rock & Ron, so that is a bit of a silver lining.
Nemesis - Temple of Boom - Few things send the Ack from zero to enraged like Nemesis. He still thinks I told him to buy the album that this jam was on. Simply not true.
Tupac - Me Against The World - The first Tupac song I think I've ever posted, from the only album of his I actually own.

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