Friday, August 15, 2008

Quick hitters:: Bruce Peninsula

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Two songs. That's all we are talking about. The new Bruce Peninsula 7" is only a brief six minutes and thirty seconds, but when it's done right, sometimes that's all it takes. The Bruce Peninsula is a collective - a rotating cast of characters - but unlike many collectives you read about, the Toronto based band eschews polish and importance, opting for honesty... brutal honesty. The rough edges are left in tact, giving the songs a realism that you crave from music but can't seem to find in today's overproduced world.

They smack you in the mouth as they dip into the past, offering their take on two traditional songs. The results are full of power and soul and start to make you question your beliefs. Stamped percussion, howling vocals and gospel backings; it hits hard and even though you aren't sure if you are heading towards the cross roads or at the pearly gates, there's no doubt there is a spirit bigger than yours you still have to answer to. Whether you should confess, pray or barter for your soul really depends on you?

That's why the recording of this 7" is so perfect. People talk about recording on the floor, but this sounds like it was recorded on your floor and the explosion of sound is meant only for your ears. And for that brief moment, it's just you and your maker because no one else around can do a damn thing to change it.

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