Friday, August 8, 2008

Quick Hitters:: Dyad

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Since Nic and I left Vancouver, there have been very few shows that I've seen crop up that really hurt me to miss. Couple that with the simple fact that Halifax has been delivering the goods and I'm pretty okay with the musical state of affair, but an upcoming show gave me one of those gut punches. The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir - whose new album is out now - and the Vancouver based fiddling folkies Dyad are playing the Railway Club on Sept 6th.

I'm not sure you will get a better night of music than this, as both bands explore traditional mountain sounds and do it right. Dyad uses tons of fiddle and the beautiful voice of Leah Abramson (who is my favorite female singer in Vancouver) to draw you in close, but Mark's gruff vocals shine nicely on tracks like Gathering Flowers. They haven't put out an album since '06 - the terrific No Pedlars or Preachers - but I dove back into it when I saw they'd be playing with the Agnostics and it is as good now as it was then.

A perfect pick me up to start your Friday.

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At 12:59 PM, OpenID savannah-leigh did sayeth:

Dyad is indeed quite sweet sounding. They remind me of some friends The Gruff, who actually are from Van Island but are moving all the way East soon aswell! Perhaps you will know them soon too!


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