Friday, August 29, 2008

Quick hitters:: Novillero

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U got beef? According to the urban dictionary, when you don't like the way a certain person acts and call them on it, well, u got beef with them. In fact, their definition is pretty spot on (except for the fact no one likes SOAD):
+ Some guy: "System of a Down sucks!"
+ Some guy who likes System of a Down: "u got beef?" [*]

Well, instead of trading verbal jabs about something as useless as System of a Down, maybe we can put this into better context:
+ Some guy who writes for A Limerick Ox: "Halifax, and those two handsome devils who blog from that location smell funny!"
+ Some guy who writes for herohill: "U got beef?"

We were quite willing to let these confrontations slide, even commenting that A Limerick Ox is easily the best looking blog out there. He lured us in with a snazzy outfit and striking features, and as is so often the case, we let another pretty face treat us like shite. But, after he jumped the gun and posted on Novillero before we could, well, as they say in the biz - "it's on."

We thought this release would fly under the radar, and we could bring it up the mod-poppers as the centerpiece of our upcoming Manitoba edition of the Herohill Mixtape Project. But Mr. Ox has stolen that joy from all you readers, but that's ok. We are still excited about the news. Novillero is back with their third release - A Little Tradition - and as the sizzling title track shows, these Manitob-ians still deliver the goods. Life In Parentheses starts the record off with a bang - horns, uptempo guitars, catchy drums and lots of keyboards. The quick start hooks you and the band keeps the energy up for the 12 songs that follow.

The band is at its best when they keep the tempo moving. Tracks like A Little Tradition, Lost Possibilities and the heavy, horn filled, chaos-infused Camaraderie Or Bust force you to crank up the volume - but without question Novillero is moving in a lot of new directions. They've offer a lot more than infectious mod-pop jams (as shown by the Long Winters style indie rock of The Prank Note and the Spanish themed instrumental Paco Rabanne), and the new line up includes some terrific female vocals courtesy of Keri Latimer and a slew of new ideas.

The thing is, the band is so tight that whatever they try seems to work. Every track is jammed full of energy and the hooks they seem to stumble on so effortlessly are undeniable. Plastic Flag is a slinky, indie pop number that shouldn't blend so easily into the jazzy pop arrangement and staccato vocal delivery used on Daydreams & Distractions, but it does. A Little Tradition might just be enough to keep summer going for a few more weeks.

* - actual beef may not exist and you should read A Limerick Ox as it's as entertaining a blog as you will find.

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