Friday, August 22, 2008

Reviews:: Saved by Saskatoon

Well, it seems Shuyler Jansen couldn't leave well enough alone. He couldn't just sit down and relax after writing a terrific album (seriously Today's Remains is rock solid and the epic Pegasus was one of my favorite songs last year). Nope, he had to horn in on herohill's racket and try to steal our retirement grease.

As our long time readers - read, our wives - know, we've been compiling the Great Canadian Mixtape; a province by province ode to the indie acts in Canada. Twenty bands, twenty free MP3s with a snappy title and lo-fi cover art and we sell it to you for the low, low cost of free ninety-nine.

But lo and behold, much to our stupefaction, Shuyler seems to have reached out to his friends at Saved By Radio and trumped the hill by curating a collection of songs from a few of the great bands from Saskatoon. Well, luckily since it's an actual release, it has to cost you a pretty penny. What? It's a free download? Well... alright then. Surely with Shuyler's love of country tales, the bands wouldn't overlap the ever growing list of bands we planned on including. These Hands? Blood Lines? Carbon Dating Service? Deep Dark Woods? Oh, now I'm just getting f*cking pissed off! Thanks for leaving us that underground legend Joni Mitchell Shuyler. It's mighty kind of you.

So I have to wonder. Shuyler, have we not given you enough love? A great review of your record. Check. Seeing you play twice in the last year, commenting that you killed it both times? Check. Well my friend, you may have just made two enemies here on this world wide web. Sure, we may still buy your albums, recommend you to anyone who listens, and secretly thank you for helping push some unknown Canadian acts out to more people, but we won't forget this.

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