Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee:: That's The Spirit


A few months ago I pointed you towards That's The Spirit - an up and coming space folk act from our Nation's capitol - and made mention of an upcoming record. Well, Ben Wilson delivered on his promise of a September release date and the first tracks from Staying Places are surfacing. Ben wrote the songs based on his travels, and the sounds mimic the thoughts you get overwhelmed by each time you set foot in a new country. The wonder. The solitude. The hope. The confusion. Longing for someplace new but wanting nothing more than the comforts of home.

Orienteering is a dreamy, slow meander that uses some echoing vocals and a trusty acoustic, but out of nowhere piano and horns explode and fill out the mix. The energy blossoms and pushes the song along, inspiring you to keep moving. The slinky outro makes it impossible to sit still, and finishes the track with a fitting climax. As always, Ben seems to know exactly when to cut off the track, leaving you wishing another verse was tucked around the corner waiting for you.

Every City is a bit more what I expected from Ben; a relaxed pace with flourishes and feedback. The brief vocals give way to a sludgy, dreamscape that lets you run wild with your own thoughts and makes me remember why I was so intrigued by Wilson's songs on first pass. Completely accessible and now, polished just enough to give the songs the depth they need, Staying Places is looking like a record that will turn a lot of heads.

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