Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BOX:: Inaugural All-Canadian Edition!

Ok, this is a first, an all-Canadian edition of BOX, our relatively new rap song recap. I'm not sure if this will be a regular occurrence, as I've just been mixing Canadian content in with the rest, but if we get enough solid Canadian songs, we'll make it happen. As for this edition, some decent jams on display from across the country, so if you aren't up on underground Canadian hip hop, check these out.

M for M refers to the Music for Mavericks family out of Edmonton. Music for Mavericks first release was Politic Live's Adaptation, which I thought was pretty solid. Now the label has put together a compilation called Election Year, which features a number of MC's affiliated with the label, and they're encouraging music consumers to vote with their cashola. Check them out and see if they deserve your vote.

Now for some completely different Edmonton-related hip hop. This is a dance jam featuring Canada's king of the rap-house, Mr. Roland Pemberton. It's from an album called "Herve's Party Bombs!", and yes, I think the exclamation point is certainly needed for a title like that. It also features Montreal's A-Trak and yeah, that's pretty much all I have for this one.

WEB is an MC from Vancouver that has been giving away his album, I'll Be Alright, Book One, via his blog. It's pretty straight-ahead hip hop, done with an edge, so it's worth checking if your tastes lean towards mainstream-ish hip hop that isn't terrible. Plus he has a song called Cutlass Supreme. As someone that pushed a Cutlass Ciera in the early 90's, I approve.

Lexington & Whatevski are Calgary MC's "that spit with the intensity of a tuberculosis induced coughing fit". My, that is intense. They also have a free album available in downloadable fashion from Hand'Solo records (as an FYI, the previous link is likely NSFW or for viewing immediately after eating , due to the worst cover art I've seen in quite some time). So if you like your Prairie rap angry with a side of vulgar, I'd check these dudes out.

Here's something else from Hand'Solo, but it's on a completely different tip. SJ the Wordburglar is Canada's king of the comedic punchlines, and although I just posted this song a couple weeks ago, I thought I'd bring it back. That's because the video I mentioned in that post has been released, and I enjoy it, so I thought I'd post it. I mean, he's rhyming about his paper route, that's hard not too like, especially if you had a route like yours truly. Anyway, nuff said, enjoy.


Wordburglar - The Route

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