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BOX:: Jake One, EPMD, Madlib

Ok, it's about that time again, BOX time! Last week's All-Canadian edition seemed to be pretty popular, so I'll certainly to do it again once I get enough songs, but for now we're simply back to the best from anywhere and everywhere (or just the US of A). Anyway, I've been gathering some fairly solid jams over the last couple weeks, so let's get to it.

Oh yes indeed, now this is nice. If this beat doesn't make you at least bob your head (even if you "don't normally like rap", it's ok, I won't tell anyone), I doubt we could be friends. This is a taste from Seattle super-producer Jake One's new album, and it pairs ROC-affiliated Philly MC Freeway with underground king Brother Ali. I don't mind Freeway, he does a fine job, but Ali kills it as per usual. Jake has done production work for a wide range of MC's, from De La Soul to 50 Cents (I won't hold that against him though), so on White Van Music he attempts to pair up mainstream and underground rappers. This isn't a new idea, but if the production is as solid as this song, it could very well be the best attempt at it.

I can be a fairly contrary fellow at times, but I'm pretty predictable on a few things, for example, if you send me a new EPMD song, I will post it. Or rather I will post the one new EPMD song that doesn't have a nutty club beat. It seems car maker Scion (I don't even think you can get these in Canada?) commissions a number of rather old-schoolish luminaries to creates tracks for them, and I was send three new versions of the new EPMD track Run It. This one here has a freaky Indian-Middle East sounding beat that seems to suit Erick and Parrish quite well (Erick used the same kind of stylo for React, so maybe that's why it seems to work), and I give it a thumbs up. But you have to consider the man writing this still owns an EPMD "40 Ounces of Power" shirt that I bought in like 1991, so E & PEEMD could rap about Michigan's 7 fumbles against Notre Dame, and I would enjoy it.

Madlib is a very busy man these days. I reviewed the latest installment in his Beat Konducta series recently, and he's also presenting the latest edition of BBE's Beat Generation series with an album called WLIB: King Of The Wigflip. But despite being busy, you know Madlib's still going to come with quality, and this sample from King Of The Wigflip is no different. It features Stones Throw MC MED (Medaphoar) whose debut I enjoyed, and also Poke, who I'm not familiar with. But it's more of that thumping west coast underground that you expect from Madlib, and I think that BBE album is certainly going to be worth checking.

Chicago MC Phashara is another good example of why it often pays to listen to random things we're sent. I don't know much about him, other than he's an MC and producer who's obviously influenced by hip hop's golden age (the Slick Rick-ish title of Young World speaks to that), and he makes enjoyable music with a positive bent that I can appreciate. Chicago appears to be the new South, churning out plenty of blog-buzzworthy talent, but Phashara is proof that there's even more talent then we're hearing about through the cyber-grapevine. The James Brown grunts, big drums and strings of The Storm make it mighty addictive, so check for Phashara's new album The Storybook Adventure if you like what you hear, I know I do.

Let's continue the Chicago content with MC and producer duo The Ritz. Well Apoc appears to do most of the MC work, but Relevar does some MCing along with his production work. However the work breaks down, I like what I hear from these guys, some really well done underground hip hop with a hard edge. Plus their new album has a song called Langston Bukowski, so that should give you a literary stiffy, if you're into that kind of thing. I've been meaning to post this song for a while, but after hearing it again, I think I might need to search out a copy of The Night Of Day. You too? Well, we agree then.


Phashara - Young World

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At 7:30 PM, Blogger The R.O.B. did sayeth:

Yeah, that Jake One track is awesome.

I'd be interested to hear what the rest of the album was like...


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