Monday, September 22, 2008

Halifax Pop Explosion:: Will Currie & The Country French

The final lineups have been announced for Halifax Pop Explosion '08. As you can see, between I Heart Music and your trusty, old Haligonian blogging stalwarts, we have curated two lineups that rival the best of the showcases [not involving The GZA].

So browse the schedule and figure out what you are doing every day except Wednesday and Thursday, as we know you will be hanging with us. One suggestion? Maybe Will Currie and the Country French if you can find out when/where he plays (he was announced earlier, but I don't see a date). Jared Power approved Sloan thought enough of him to sign him to their label and hang out with him in the studio to record a new track. Push Pins is a stellar duet with Jay and the piano laced goodness and perfect harmonies should be enough to get you through the end of your day.

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