Monday, September 29, 2008

Old School Monday (guest edition):: Father MC

Just an FYI for you loyal readers. For the foreseeable future, the herohill train is running on one engine. Shane and Petra just had their second kid, so like the Princeton half court offense, posts from Shane will be few and far between.

In his absence, I'm hoping to keep going with his standards - including Old School Monday. Quite fitting, today's post is Father MC. I was going to go with Ed. O G and tell Shane to be a father to his child, but thought that might be uncalled for and to be honest, Father MC has a lot of good memories for both Shane and me. We still joke about how Chris Devlin stole this tape from him, plus, how many other rappers posed nude in Playgirl and may or may not have banged Puffy?

Anyway, here are two of his most classic jams.

This pretty well is the top dollar when it comes to Father MC. He basically just stole the beat for Got To Be Real and ran with it. This jam was big at West dances - Scott Hanley and Rod Dosmond went for theirs when it came on - and it was a springboard for Mary J. Blige. Father MC kicked his lover man raps letting brothers know he had serious game, but never wanted to make his girl feel like she wasn't special. That's a message any young man should hold close (although, if you do some fact checking you might notice he was kind of the 90's hip hop Shawn Kemp).

This one was less popular, but the fact Jodeci was crooning it lovely-like over the Good Times beat makes this worth hearing. So many jams looted this Chic beat, but how many did it with so much style? Well, tons actually, but whatever. This is Shane's moment, so don't try to steal it from him you jerk. Plus Father MC makes a 3rd Bass reference. Hard to beat that.

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At 2:58 AM, Blogger Go Nicole Yourself did sayeth:

Everything's Going To Be Alright is one of those songs that is on my "Songs that you can't help but shake your booty to" list. I still put that thing on and dance my ass off.


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