Monday, September 1, 2008

Old School Mondays:: Here's To Us, The Best There Is Edition

First off, happy Labour/Labor day, depending on whether you are north or south of the 49th parallel. Usually here on the hill we try to portray an air of modest confidence: secure in the knowledge that we're presenting you with some fantastic musical selections on a daily basis, but still trying to be humble & self-deprecating as to not come across like a couple of windbags. But if I've learned anything from hip hop over the years, it's that braggadocio and chutzpah can sometimes get you further than actual talent (certainly convenient for us, HI-O! Self-deprecate on Ron). Essentially what I'm saying is we feel we have a pretty solid site here, so what's wrong with celebrating that now and then?

What's that you say? You agree and want to know how to help us celebrate? Well you're in luck. Right now The Coast is holding the voting for their annual Best Of issue, and there happens to be a category for best local blog. So, if any of you fine folks are feeling so inclined, you can head on over there and vote for your pals here at the hill.

So whilst pandering for votes might be a little cheesy, I think it's warranted in this case. One of our main aims here at the hill is to help spread the word about all the talent here in Halifax (and the Maritimes), but some folks here don't even know we're based in Halifax (yes, that is the CN Tower on our header, no we aren't in Toronto. We were working on a coast to coast re-design scheme for quite some time before the Ack moved back to Halifax. We realize the timing wasn't great). Getting some run in The Coast would likely help spread the word about the hill to other musicians, and in turn we'd pass the musical goodness on to you. Plus, it would help us increase the size of our posse. We have a moderate sized posse now, but as Arabian Prince knows, a big posse is always best.

So if you're in Halifax or anywhere near, head over to The Coast and vote for your friends Bryan and Shane. Not in Halifax? Vote for us anyway!

Here's some classic jams about being the numero uno, because, in the words of the immortal Ricky Watters:

there is no competition 'cause we are the best

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