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Monday, September 22, 2008

Old School Mondays:: What a Brother Know? Edition

Here's another fact about me you likely aren't too interested in: I have no brothers or sisters. That's right, yer man Shane is a lone blogging wolf as far as the siblings are concerned. But my wife is a couple weeks away from giving birth to our second child, so that means our son will have himself at least one sibling. Due to this, there's been plenty of talk in our house about brothers and sisters as we've tried to get him prepared for the big event (it seems his preferred answer to the oft asked question of "would you prefer a baby brother or sister?" is actually "C: None of the above", but I'm sure he'll be up for it). So when the Ack suggested the theme for this week's OSM be something along the lines of "rappers who have less successful brothers who also rap", it seemed like a good fit.

Disclosure time: I don't mind telling you this whole theme is mainly an excuse to post on the A.T.E.E.M. - A group that contained not only Chubb Rock's lead dancer, the triangle-flat top sporting Hot Dog, but also his brother, Rob Swinga. Now you'll remember that I loves the Chubbs, so of course I had a copy of the A.T.E.E.M.'s one and only release on cassette. It's one of those golden age albums that the Ack and I look back on fondly, but 90% of the world doesn't know it exists. It's a solid album, not going to cure cancer, but plenty of fun, party-approved MC-ing from Rob and the Dog, good production work from the Trackmasterz, and some Chubbs cameos - what more could you need? You need nothing else, so here's the title track from A Hero Ain't Nuttin' But A Sandwich and the single from the album Get It On.

So back to the theme, how about some songs from the brothers of some MC's you know and love? All righty then. This is not an exhuastive list, but it's what I came up with. Feel free to hit us with yours if you think we've missed anyone.

Warren G. - Dr. Dre's half-brother had his own G-Funk empire for a while and like his big bro he considered himself a producer first, MC second. His flow wasn't quite as polished as Dre's, but I always liked Warren. Plus his rap name was Warren, kind of hard not to enjoy that. Try and name me one person that doesn't enjoy Regulate? Oh, well Michael McDonald is likely not a fan, but I meant other than white-haired crooners he ripped off.

Little Daddy Shane - He didn't really ever do anything outside of a few cameos on his big brother's songs, but I cannot do a riif on rappin' brothers without including Big Daddy Kane's little brother. This is mainly because back in the day the Ack and I put on Brother, Brother whilst getting a drive from one of his sisters, and had her pretty much convinced that I was in fact the Shane rapping along with BDK. This seems hard to believe now, but I was much funkier in high school. Or at least I am in my memories. Anyway, Little Daddy Shane is awesome on name alone.

I.N.I. - Not the most popular brother connection, but I.N.I. is a group that contains Pete Rock's little brother Grap Luva, and this post gave me an excuse to finally check out Center of Attention, their PR-produced, unreleased gem from the mid-nineties. If you love that ole banging Pete Rock production mixed with solid NYC MC-ing, you should check this out if you haven't already, I'm glad I did. Fakin' Jax features Pete himself and is really a great example of what this album is all about.

Audio Two - This is cheating, because although Milk and Giz are MC Lyte's brothers, one could argue that in their day that were certainly as popular, or more so, than Lyte. But I wanted to make this a top five and they are the only other siblings I could think of, so here they are!


The A.T.E.E.M. - Get It On [Remix]

I.N.I. - Fakin' Jax

Audio Two - Many Styles

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