Friday, September 19, 2008

Quick Hitters:: New D-Sisive EP

Toronto MC D-Sisive has a new EP dropping on Urbnet this coming Tuesday. It's called Like This (Plus Three) and the lead single is the rugged, and appropriately named Like This, which features a hardcore cameo from Detroit MC Guilty Simpson and some scratching assist from DJ Grouch. Of course I think you should buy it, but better yet, if you have yet to hear D's stellar release from earlier this year, The Book, you'd be well served to pick that up as well. This is not just lip service either, going back to my review for The Book, I said it was one of the best hip hop albums I'd heard this year, and I still feel that way.

But back to the album at hand, Like This is absolutely worth checking. If the sinister static and Scooby Doo-like sound effects on the title track aren't enough to scare off meddling kids and fake MC's, then the thumping drums and rugged verse from Stones Thrower Guilty Simpson like will. D-sisive does his usual fine work and Grouch blesses the track with some solid cuts - this is the kind of banging hip hop that most of us who don't wear goofy sunglasses or own jewellery with our name on it don't hear enough of right about now. But don't take my word for it, check out D's myspace to hear DJ Premier, uhh, premiering the song on his Sirius radio show. Sure he doesn't know D-Sisive's name, but he likes the song, and that's what counts.

Let us not forget the Plus Three from Like This (Plus Three), as there's a fine remix of Up from The Book done by Toronto MC and producer Muneshine, as well as a new song called The Flintstones, which vividly portrays the painful history of an alcoholic over a thick, mandolin-laced track. There's also The Outro, which at first glance would seem like a throwaway track, but it's a perfect example of why I like D-Sisive - there's more enjoyable lyricism on the outro of his six song EP then I usually find over the course of a complete album these days. He has a whole riff on Woody Harrelson that is way better that you would think possible, he mentions Bart walking a Chihuahua, calls himself David Carradine on breakbeats, and takes out Bud: "can't believe their CD holds Grandmaster B flows, like Faustino in a Starter hat, not even close to can-sorta-rap". Great stuff really.

So if you are new to D-Sisive, here's your chance to get on the bandwagon. I've been on here for a while, but there aren't as many people up here as there should be, so hop on before his new album, the festive Let The Children Die, drops early next year.

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