Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quick hitters:: Oh No Forest Fires


Right now my life is in chaos. My job is a complete mess. I'm back in Vancouver to try to figure out what is going with the integration of my company - this is the polite way of saying I have no idea if everyone from my team is being made redundant - and whether or not I'll have a paycheck in a day, week, month or year.

The company is handing out pink slips like it's a Victoria Secret sale and as a result, my days are filled with tense meetings and general anarchy. Needless to say, pristine pop is not really settling into my moods these days.

That's why I've been shuffling back to Oh No Forest Fires so often. The two new demos they are giving away on the ole myspace are terrific and if they are a glimpse at what their upcoming album - The War on Geometry - has to offer, we are in for a treat. Unlike a lot of bands that try to control the uncontrollable by adding more layers or members, this Toronto based quartet uses only the bare essentials to to turn disorder and general unruliness into moments of brilliance.

Swing and a Misdemeanor is a cloudy mix of drums, guitar and bass but somehow the band keeps it all together with nice dueling vocals and shouted "hey"s. Usually I tire of proggy builds, but with Rajiv's vocals driving the song forward, the guitars dart and weave around, over, below and through each other in a way that make you think the train is about to fall off the tracks at any second. You Know What That Is... Trouble turns a chaotic intro into a embraceable piano pounding pop song, but they make sure to leave the rough edges in tact and build to another heavy outro. I'm fairly new to this band, but I'm more than a little intrigued by them. I have no idea when the record is hitting the street, but I for one can't wait.

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At 7:32 PM, Blogger David Oliver did sayeth:

I believe they said it was coming out in October the last time I saw them.


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