Monday, September 8, 2008

Reviews:: Invasions Magic


Canada is going through a changing of the guard. Instead of the collectives and folk influenced pop we have been successfully pumping out the last few years, there are a staggering amount of young band full of vim and vigor, ripping through quick hitting, rough guitar laced numbers that get you up and dancing. The latest to catch my ear is Toronto's Invasions.

This quintet combines punk rock grit and melodic indie riffs on their debut EP Magic. Six songs and only a concise eighteen minutes, on first listen I got the same reaction I did when TPC came out. Not because they sound similar - the Invasions vibe definitely sounds like it originated across the pond and plays more with melody instead of just crunching guitars - but because the EP is enough of a teaser to make you want to pay attention. The band obviously can write catchy tracks, but for me the ear grabber is the organ they use to beef up tracks (like the infectious Day by Day or the summery She'll Let Yu Know) and contrast the sloppy guitar riffs.

Unlike so many young bands, Magic shows Invasions are more than a one trick pony. Songs like the energetic Rat Bastard fit into the mold you'd expect from a new garage band, but they also can slow things down with the jangle, harmonica filled Atlantic Boulevard, lounge it up with a surprising closer (Hopeless Magic) or let a bouncy bass line drive the mood. It's on 18 minutes, but Invasions show that Toronto might be a place to watch footie and toss pints. Both very good things in my humble opinion.

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