Thursday, October 9, 2008

Contest:: FemBots & Octoberman (update)

I hope no one has forgotten that Marc Morrissette (aka Octoberman) and the awesomeness that is the FemBots are playing at Gus' Pub tomorrow. We ran a contest and selected a winner. Stephany, your energy and teacher's pet attitude made it impossible not to select you from the entries.

But even if you didn't win, this show is a must attend. Marc's travel tales will warm your heart, and the FemBots and their junkstruments should rock your face off from there... It's a mere $10 and I am declaring it my shoe-in of the week.

Video:: Good Day - Fembots

Video:: Breath of Sunshine - Octoberman

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At 11:40 PM, OpenID mingwuphotos did sayeth:

Saw Octoberman and Fembots when they played in Ottawa.
Both were amazing.


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