Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Morning Coffee:: Meaghan Blanchard


Sometimes you just need feel good music – nothing that requires too much thought. As the sun shines on the first nice day we’ve had here in Halifax, I’m sort of smitten by a song that uses a pure female voice, some acoustic, a mandolin and a heavy dose of familiarity.

The opening track (You Know) from PEI’s Meaghan Blanchard’s new record – Changing Things – has floated around the corners of my house all AM. Ironically, her style is classic and she doesn’t appear to be changing anything anytime soon, but that doesn’t matter too much. She’s obviously digested the catalogs of both the Dixie Chicks and the Indigo Girls (although the closer, Smiling is a bit more early Tegan and Sara), but honestly what young song writer hasn’t?

Changing Things might play like a CD from a girl who plays at your local coffee shops or fairground, but at 19-years old that's who Meaghan is. To be fair though, she's also more than that. Meaghan is confident in her voice, can pen engaging melodies and secure enough to let her band spruce up the tracks with mandolin, upright bass, pump organ, banjos and nice pedal steel. She can also drift into a more rootsy style (Bonnie) and at the end of the day this young woman shows a lot of promise.

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