Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HPX '08:: It's on

To quote the great warrior poets NKOTB..."la la la la la la tonight." We’ve worked with IHM to put together two nights of great bands, and tonight our first show is on centre stage at the Marquee.

The Inbreds are reuniting, but that’s only part of the fun. Amos the Transparent’s release last year was my second favorite Canadian release. The Golden Hands Before God Here EP that came out this year is a sure bet to make my Top 10 EPs of the year.

Still not sold? How about one of the biggest Nova Scotia names on the National scene. Rebekah Higgs is finally getting some big attention and Parables is getting played on MuchMusic, which doesn’t even play videos anymore so that must be saying something. Throw in the fact that IHM has proclaimed The Love Machine to be the best live band in Ottawa, and even Jeanette Lapaix wouldn’t have to ask if this was a party.

If you are not feeling the herohill heart music vibe, there are some other great shows out there. Monotonix will probably set Gus’s Pub on fire. Hell’s Kitchen has two acts I truly love (and will be sneakming downstairs to see) – Nick Zubeck and Parlovr, plus the energy that is the D’Ubervilles. Basically, there is something for everyone and Halifax - yes, you Halifax - we are asking you to get out and support these artists and the Pop Explosion.

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