Tuesday, October 21, 2008

HPX 08:: Let's Get It Started

Well, HPX is upon us, and the question must be asked: are you ready to rocksteady? Or something to that effect. Schedule? Check. Herohill's recommendations? Check. Case of Redbull or those pills that truckers take to avoid falling asleep and plowing into an Irving Bigstop at 3am? Check. Link to obligatory MC Hammer video? Check. All right then, be safe out there and enjoy all of this:

A History Of, A Sight for Sewn Eyes, A/V, Above All Else, Al Tuck, American Eric, Amos The Transparent, Amy Campbell, Andre Charles Theriault, Andrew Vincent, Andy Swan, Attack Mode, Bad Flirt, Basia Bulat, Bloodsport, Bob Wiseman, Boxer The Horse, Brian Borcherdt, Broken Ohms, Brutal Knights, Catherine MacLellan, Children of Eve, Code Pie, Construction and Destruction, Contagium, CR Avery, Criminal Intent, Dan Ledwell, DJ Cosmo, Don Vail, Electrolyte, Emm Gryner, Envision, Erin Costelo, First Aid Kit, Gallactus, Genetic Angry, Ghettosocks, Ghost Bees, Golden Hands Before God, Grand Analog, Greenbelt Collective, GZA, Hellacaust, Hilotrons, Holy Fuck, Horses, Hot Springs, Inbreds, Innes Wilson, INSTRUMENTS, Iron Giant, Islands, J Gutta, Jay Reatard, J-Bru, Jessie Kussin (Cry Rumble), Joe Buck, Josh Ritter, Julie Fader, Katie Stelmanis, Kestrels, Kill Krinkle Club, Last Laugh, Laura Barrett, Laura Peek, Malcolm Bauld, Matt Reid & Friends, Matthew Barber, Meaghan Smith, Memories Attack, Metz, Mike Evin, Modernboys Moderngirls, Monotonix, Mt. Royal, Murder Sounds, Myles Deck and the Fuzz, Nick Zubeck, Orchid's Curse, Parlovr, Pete Samples, Peter Project w/ More Or, Play Guitar, Pomegranates, Quake, Rebekah Higgs, Retribution Gospel Choir, Rich Aucoin, Richard, Ron Sexsmith with Symphony Nova Scotia, Ruby Coast, Ruth Minnikin, Said The Whale, Scarce, Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains, Share, Shawn Hewitt, Shelter With Thieves, Shortpants Romance, Smothered in Hugs, Snow Picnic, Special Noise, Spiral Beach, Sports: the Band, Statues, Sunparlour Players, Swedish Death Polka, Tanya Davis, Ten Second Epic, The Beginners, The Bicycles w/Prairie Cat, The D'Ubervilles, The Diableros, The Endless Blockade, The Gideons, The Got to Get Got, The Grass, The Lodge, The Love Machine, The Maynards, The Meligrove Band, The Prospectors Union, The Rural Alberta Advantage, The Spades, The Stance, The Superfantastics, The Western Civilization, The Winter Sounds, Thundrah, Tomcat Combat, Township Expansion, Trigger Effect, Two Hours Traffic, Tyler Messick, VKNGS, White Cowbell Oklahoma, Windom Earle, Woodhands, Young Rival and Young Widows.

My, my, quite a list right there. So enjoy the shows, and if you're from out of town, enjoy our fine city. Come talk to us if you see us out and about, I'm kind of tall with a beard, and the Ack is less tall with a different facial-hair arrangement of some kind. Should be enough info to locate us. Enjoy a few random selections from acts playing the first couple evenings.

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