Monday, October 27, 2008

HPX 08:: what herohill learned

So another HPX has come and gone, and once again our fair city held it down. The sets we caught were fantastic and as diverse as some of the venues that housed them. I mean, it's hard to believe you could see Propsector's Union, I See Rowboats and Retribution Gospel Choir in a church, and then jump ship to see the GZA rip at The Marquee on the same night, but such was the embarrassment of riches HPX had to offer.

Anyway, here are ten things we learned this year at HPX:

1.) Without a doubt, I See Rowboats is the most talented band in Nova Scotia right now. They controlled a huge space like the Church and honestly, made Alan Sparhawk have to work to follow them.
MP3:: I See Rowboats - In Cars (Live @ HPX '08)

2.)Rich Aucoin's Brian Wilson is Alive may just be the best party jam released by any Canadian band all year.
MP3:: Brian Wilson is Alive (Live at HPX '08)

3.) The Inbreds - ten years later and one voice scraped raw, well, they can still bring it. It felt like '96 on Wednesday night and we aren't complaining about that at all.
MP3:: The Inbreds - Never Be (Live @ HPX 08)

4.) The Golden Hands Before God = rawk stars. No other way to describe it.
MP3:: Golden Hands Before God - Communist Party (Live @ HPX '08)

5.) I never thought I'd get to see Alan Sparhawk live after I left the big cities, let alone as part of RGC in an acoustic haven like St. Matthew's Church. Needless to say, he freaked out and the trio 'feedbacked and distorted' the roof off the muthasucka.
MP3:: Retribution Gospel Choir - Working Hard (Live @ HPX '08)
MP3:: Retribution Gospel Choir - In Her Blood (Daytrotter)

6.) The GZA is king.
MP3:: The GZA - Liquid Swords (Live @ HPX '08)

7.) More people should be talking about Amos the Transparent.

8.) Way more people should love Meligrove Band.
MP3:: Ages and Stages (Live @ HPX ' 08)

9.) Everyone should love The Rural Alberta Advantage. Paul, Amy and Nils could make a funeral shake and singalong. The fact they are still unsigned whilst Nickelback gets to live in mansions is a crime.

10.) Photographers at HPX need to turn the flash off and stop snapping 100 pictures in the artists' face. We get it, your write up for the Coast is like Gilbert Arenas - quality shot! - but man, when Nick Zubeck is finger picking in front of 5 people, do you need to run up and high beam him?

Of course there were other great moments - for me, getting to finally see Construction & Destruction assault the confines of the Music Room and seeing Matt Charlton assemble a super group for his Prospector's Union set being two of them - but really, the whole festival this year was top shelf.

Anyway. We wanted everyone coming out to support the acts on the herohill heart music showcases. It was great to see people enjoying the bands we gush about non-stop.

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At 9:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

very good synopsis!


At 12:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

there's no need for flash photography at shows unless you want all your photos to look like you took them with or cell phone anyways.. im looking at you coast reporters.


At 1:16 AM, Anonymous marc xavier leblanc (aka bones) did sayeth:

yeah i gotta agree that the Rich Aucoin "Brian Wilson is A.L.I.V.E." is one wicked party jam! i played it at my last ((Indie Pop Night)) event and people LOVED IT!!! great to read your take on the HPX. keep up the great work... i can't say it enough.


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