Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HPX preview:: Ruby Coast


Saturday shows a lot of big names doing their thing in Halifax. Islands, Sebastian Grainger, Basia Bulat and Brian Borcherdt (of Holy Fuck fame). Lots to choose from obviously, but one band you should check out is the young upstarts from Ontario, Ruby Coast. We were smitten with their home recorded EP and was happy to see them starting to tour in support of their new Projectable Collections EP.

So, how does the new release stack up? What was that song those Grease kids sang in school... "reproduction, baby give it to me now." It seems that the Ruby Coast took that to heart and reworked some songs from their self-released EP and got the tracks ready for the masses to help the indie kids shake their asses. Gone is some of the immediacy of the original versions, and as a result it isn’t as rawkus a listen, but they showed they can add a sense of maturity to their songs without losing any of the integrity.

Let’s be fair. Blog supported band can play shows for 50 people no problem, but making a living off of your songs is a much different kettle of fish. They might not end up playing on Desperate Housewives, but they are certainly getting a solid foothold and showing their energy can easily transition to much bigger audiences. So here is your chance to see them on a nice small stage with some other terrific bands.

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